Plant Set-up And Capacity

  • On March 18,2014 Contrasteel assigned an order to Danieli Italy  for an ECOGRAVEL plant to be installed at   Al Ezz Dekheila steel company (EZDK) facilities, To transform the slag produced in the melt shop into certified aggregate, making it available for profitable sale for various applications in substitution of natural stone .

  • Danieli  has developed a reliable solution to transform slag into high – quality industrial aggregate .

  • The basis of the process is crushing ,screening and magnetic separation of furnace slag and all of these steps completely automated by European standards.

A typical plant is based on the following throughput capacities

  • Annual Capacity                                   600,000 TPY

  • Average Capacity                                 250 TPH

  • Percentage of metal recovered            1-2%

Plant Capacity:

Contrasteel Plant Proccess