About Us | Contrasteel

1. The company was founded under the relevant committee decision to the interests of the Ministry of economy and foreign trade companies at its meeting on 20/5/1995 and has been the company's commercial register - Alexandria Office under number 138 227 dated 31/05/1995 and in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 159 of  1981 Egyptian joint stock company has been publishing newspaper Companies bulletin No. 517 for the month of June 1995.

2. Company location and its legal place is New Borg El Arab (Alexandria Governorate). On 17/6/2008 has been added to a dedicated branch for the sale of steel products within the administrative headquarters for the company EZDK - Alexandria.

3. The activities of the company are:

  • Trading in all kinds of metals and their products / inputs.

  • Manufacturing and the formation of mineral products and trading.

  • Contracting business in all its forms.

  • Acts fixtures, maintenance, and services including telephone communications and transport.

  • Activity of internal trade and international of all kinds.

  • Marketing, distribution and storage to itself and to others, and set up marketing centers in the Egypt and abroad.

  • Import / export  and commercial agencies for Local and foreign companies. 

  • Leasing Activity .

  • Storage and trafficking activity in all kinds of oils, lubricants and diesel.

  • Wood products manufacturing and trafficking.Rubble of industrial slag-free minerals in various sizes, iron scrap.

4. The Company is a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and building. Membership number 10637 in 28/5/1996.