Advantages of using slag Aggregate in different products

Slage aggregate saving about 55% of the cost of supplying base course to the site in roads construction
Slag aggregate saving 13% of cost of asphalt bitumen

Saving about 13% of the cost of Asphalt bitumen for binder & Wearing Asphalt layers

Slag Aggregate Saving 50% of reinforcing bars/m2 in concrete flooring

Saving 50% of reinforcing bars/m2 in concrete flooring

slag aggregate use in cement

Saving about 14% of the cement cost per cubic meter of concrete

Slag aggregate using in concrete flooring

Saving about 5.5% of the concrete flooring cost due to no use of metallic hardener 

 Contrasteel Co., is responsible for marketing, selling, and  processing of  EZDK industrial residuals including. 
                                                                          (Slag , Mill scale, Sludge and Oxide fines).
                                                                      We Are An EZDK Subsidiary Company​

Al Ezz Dekheila Steel co., -Alexandria-Egypt s.a.e (EZDK) is an integrated steel , including three direct reduction units for producing sponge iron ,four 80 tons electric arc furnace three ladle furnaces coupled with three continuous casting machines for billet production

Also including an integrated line for flat steel producing

The combined output of EZDK Co. flat and long steel plants is about 3.2 million tons molten steel per year.

EZDK is ISO 9001/2008 certified company since 1997, ISO 14001/2004 certification for environmental system and oshas 18001/2007 for occupational health and safety.


and two rolling mills for producing rebar and on mill line for producing wire rod .